Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just a Kiss Goodnight

So, I've written a little Seth & Regan outtake for the 'Just A Kiss' Contest, and I thought I would give you all a little tease....

Voting begins HERE on 7/10/11. 



“Are you trying to kill me?” she asked, smiling against my mouth.  I inhaled slightly, assaulted with the scent of her breath.  She always tasted so sweet, like she had just eaten some sort of berry. 

Maybe that was just me being an imprinted jackass. 

Whatever it was though…I liked it. 

I needed it.

I inhaled again, bumping my nose against hers.  Our breaths were slightly ragged as I hung there on the windowsill, propped up on my elbows.  My bare feet were propped against a piece of the white siding of Charlie’s house and beginning to ache from holding my weight up, but I knew that this was all I could have tonight.  If I went into that bedroom, I risked everything.  I risked getting caught, and I risked getting banished from this house forever if Charlie found out what was going on.  He wasn’t stupid, and I wasn’t about to test my limits. 
So, I knew tonight all I would get was just a kiss. 

But that was fine with me. 

Regan’s green eyes were dilated in the darkness as she leaned closer to me.  Taking a deep breath, she leaned her forehead against mine and let a strand of her hair blow against my cheek.  Her warm skin burned against mine, but in a good way.  Of all the years I had spent as a wolf, feeling no cold or heat or anything out of the ordinary….touching her lit me on fire. 

She made me feel alive.