Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cruel Summer Sequel

So now that 'Cruel Summer' is coming to a close, I wanted to formally announce the sequel!  

'Shades of Winter' is the official title, and it will be posted on my ff.n site and A03 on 11.13.12.  (My birthday!).  Below is a little preview of what you can expect in the first chapter!


She glanced at the archaic landline phone on her desk and smiled.  “You said you’d call first.”
“I couldn’t wait,” he laughed.  He waved happily, his blue eyes darting around the screen as he took her in.  Katniss sighed and leaned on her hand.  Skyping certainly didn’t do Peeta Mellark justice.  He still looked as handsome as ever, but she couldn’t help but want to reach through the screen and tough him. 
“Heeeey,” he laughed.  “I kicked all the guys out so we could talk,” he explained. 
“I’m not getting naked.”
Peeta stuck out his bottom lip. 
“That’s not why I got Skype, Mellark,” she snorted.  “So how was move-in week?”
He shrugged.  “Same old.  We got all the freshmen moved in and did nothing but drink beer for a week.”
“Oh yeah?” she asked.  “Lots of cute new freshman girls?”
Peeta leaned forward, his blue eyes bright in the light of his computer.  “Not as cute as you. Plus, you automatically win because you put out, so….”
Katniss covered her mouth and laughed loudly at the thought.  She was glad she had a single this year; she was sure she didn’t want a roommate overhearing this conversation.  “I’m glad I don’t have a roommate.”
“Me too.  I wish I didn’t sometimes.”
“Speaking of Mark, where is he?”
“Jock boy?  He’s at the gym.  He’ll be there for at least four hours.”
Katniss shifted in her chair as her mind suddenly went to a dark place.  She remembered Peeta telling her about Cassie that summer and how she had broken his heart.  She couldn’t help but wonder if he had seen her yet.
“What are you thinking?  I can see you’ve got something on the tip of your tongue.”
“Maybe,” she hummed. 
“You look really beautiful today by the way.”
“Flattery won’t get it out of me, Mellark.”
He shook his head and gave her a flirty smile.  “I love it when you say my name.  Especially when you said it like I’m in trouble or something.”
“Mellark,” she quipped again, giving him a saucy wink in the webcam.  Peeta giggled. 
“Now will you tell me what’s clearly on your mind?”
“Oh, fine,” she relented.  “Have you um…seen Cassie?”
Peeta’s face fell slightly.  “Oh, yeah. I was meaning to tell you about that.  Guess who she hooked up with over the summer apparently?”
Katniss shrugged. 
“My roommate, Mark.  So she’s been frequenting our dorm often, slutting it up,” he said in an annoyed tone.
Katniss frowned.  “So she’s been in your room?”
Peeta nodded.  “Oh yeah.  I already walked in on them um…you know,” he sighed.  “Lovely, right?”
She felt her stomach sink.  Peeta’s roommate was now dating the only other girl he had slept with.  She wasn’t sure how to feel about that.  Cassie had broken his heart into pieces last year, but what if he wasn’t over her?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not In Our Favor - Chapter 17 teaser!

I tossed and turned, the wine from dinner giving me a slight headache.  Sleep was eluding me.  I kept thinking of my mother and Prim – had anything changed since I’d been gone?  Of course Prim had my number; she could call me at any time.  But what if she didn’t?  I felt guilty for leaving her.  And for leaving my mother. I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. 

Maybe I was suddenly too happy and it didn’t feel right. 

Figuring it was useless; I tossed back the covers and padded my way over to the balcony that overlooked the living room.  Below, the street lights shone through the glass onto Peeta as he lay sprawled on the couch.  I could see his eyes as they flicked up to meet mine.

“You awake?” he called. 

I nodded and heaved a sigh, making my way over to the stairs.  I padded down to the living room as he sat up. 

“I can’t sleep.”

“Me either.  Care if I make tea?” he asked, stand up. My eyes could see the outline of his bare chest in the darkness.  The streetlamp behind the curtains helped illuminate it just enough for me. My cheeks grew a little hot, but I had to remind myself that it was dark and he couldn’t see me. 


I sat on the plush sofa, letting my toes dig into the edge of the blanket.  I smiled; it was still warm from him.  I pulled my sweater tighter around my body and waited as I listened to the kettle boil I the kitchen area. 

“Here.”  A mug, my mug, was set in front of me.  I picked it up and inhaled the steam. 


He nodded, settling back into the sofa with a few bones cracking along the way.  “Yeah.  Always best when you can’t sleep.”

I gave him a smile in the darkness and sipped it slowly.  I could feel his leg against mine as he stretched out and propped his legs up on the ottoman in front of us.  I laughed and pulled the blanket over our feet and let myself enjoy the feeling of sitting up next to him, our legs, arms, and shoulders touching.  We were silent for a few moments, just sipping our tea when I finally spoke. 

“I had nightmares when I was there.”

He turned to look at me in the dim light, the only sound his even breaths. 

I continued.  “I dreamt some really awful things when I was….in the hospital and at the Hawthorne’s.”

Peeta exhaled slowly.  “And here?”

I shook my head.   “No, not here.  Not so far.”

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Good news guys!  

Stories for Animals (@Stories4Animals) has decided to extend the donation deadline to November 21st!

That means you have until then to make your donations!  When you donate to their cause, you will not only get the work of a slew of great authors but you will also receive the EXCLUSIVE 'Love This Pain' outtake named 'Finally'.  It is a peek at Seth & Regan's Isle Esme Honeymoon.  Who would want to miss that?

For more info, visit their site!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stories For Animals teaser!

So, when I was asked to donate a bit of writing to the @Stories4Animals cause, I couldn't help but want to write something for 'Love This Pain'.  As many of you know, I posted the Epilogue last week and I'm feeling sort of...hungover from the whole experience. 

Hungover, you ask?

Well, yeah.

I wrote it, it was awesome, and it hurt to give it up.  Hungover.  I wanted to write more.  So, when I was presented with the opportunity (and honor) to write a little more of  LTP for a cause, I jumped. 

Donations are due Sunday, Oct 14th - a minimum of $5.  Many of you know I am a pet lover, so this cause is very near and dear to me.  Please consider donating!  You'll get some great stuff! 

In case you weren't convinced, please check out a teaser of the 'Love This Pain' outtake I'm planning on submitting.  If you've read LTP, this is an outtake of Seth & Regan's Isle Esme honeymoon.

To donate, here is more info:


This wasn’t the first sex we’d had as a married couple.  I knew I’d barely be able to control myself once we got to the island, and I wanted our first union as an officially married couple to be something sweet and passionate and something Regan would always remember.  We’d had a night alone at my house together before we left for the island, and that had been the night of intense lovemaking that I had always pictured on my wedding night.  

Tonight however, was the night to get a little drunk and go all caveman on her.  I mean, if not on the honeymoon, then when?

“Which bedroom?” I asked, letting her go long enough to playfully slap her ass through her sundress.  I had her thrown over one shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  She screamed through her giggles as I marched through the hallways, trying to pick a room to start our honeymoon in.  

“The….the blue!” she managed to laugh as I held her over my shoulder.  I tromped into the blue room and promptly dropped her on the bed where she collapsed in a fit of giggles.  I poured her another glass of champagne before taking a long drag from the bottle and setting it on the nightstand.  She sipped her glass and leaned back on the pillows like a princess with her lips pressed together and her dainty ankles crossed.  

“What now?” I asked, standing at the foot of the bed with a smirk.  

“Hmmm,” she hummed, eying me up and down.  She pressed her pink lips together before taking a long drag of champagne.  “Strip,” she stated simply, popping the ‘p’.  I grinned.  This was a game we played occasionally.  Somehow Claire had gotten ahold of some movie about male strippers.  Needless to say, the girls had watched it many times and practically had it memorized.  Regan claimed it was only because the men in it reminded her of me; one in particular.  I had rolled my eyes and played along, stripping off my clothes for her enjoyment.  The first time I had done it and she had touched herself and watched me from the bed, well….from that point on I was a more willing participant in that game.

“Do married people strip for each other?” I teased, standing at the foot of the bed.  She sipped her glass again and shrugged.


“I’m not sure they do.”

Regan’s head fell to the side as she gave me a woeful, pleading stare.  “We can,” she pleaded.  “Now strip.  Like in Magic Mike.”

I groaned but caught myself eventually laughing.  Regan chewed her lip and wrinkled her nose in excitement as I reached behind me and flipped on the stereo.  I punched a few buttons before finding some kind of weird, exotic sounding techno music that was most likely local.  It was strange, but had a good beat and would do the trick well enough.  I gave her my best sultry look as I removed my watch and let it fall to the floor with a thump.
I saw her toes curl against her sandals.