Best Jacob, Best Renesmee, and Best Jacob & Renesmee in The Hopeless Romantic Awards

Love This Pain
Rec'd on 'Misfics' Blog. Also Rec'd on Wordslinger's blog for TwiMuses 'Paw Prints', Story of the Week for TwiNetwork
Nominated for Best Original Character and Best Story in The Hopeless Romantic Awards 
Nominated for Best Character (Seth) in The Sunflower Awards 

Just a Kiss Goodnight
Winner in the 'Just a Kiss' Contest 

Featured on The Twilight Awards 'Under The Radar' feature. 
Mentioned on the blog 'Tazz's Twilight Obsession'
Nominated for Best Drama and Best Angst in The Single Shot Awards

Love Runs Wild
Best Nomad in the Single Shot Awards

Out in the Garden
Nominated for Best Family/Friendship in the Single Shot Awards

Nominated for Best Jasper in The Sunflower Awards
Nominated for Best Alice in The Sunflower Awards

11/6/10 - Author of the Week for the TwiNetwork