Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brady's Imprint: Lexi Klein

Name: Lexi Klein

Imprintee of: Brady

  •  Father: Richard Klein
  • Mother: Kendra Klein (Divorced)
  • Sister: Maci Klein (age 9)

From:San Diego, California

Occupation: High School Student

Hair: Long, wavy, and light blonde

Eyes: Light Blue

Scent (To Brady): Apples & Citrus

Origin:Originally born in California, Lexi moved to Forks with her father after her parents' divorce.  Her father is originally from Forks, and wanted to return home.  He now works for Brady's Fathers' construction company.  Her mother and sister stayed behind in California after the divorce. 

Height: 5'5

Body:Slender, medium build. 

Race: German/Irish American

Friends: Became fast friends with Regan and Claire upon arriving in Forks.  She has also met/likes Embry's imprint, Sydney.  Eventually becomes very close with Rosalie Cullen. 

Dreams/Life Goals: Wants to return to California to attend UCLA and major in Broadcast Journalism. 

Hobbies: Drawing, redecorating her father's house, and shopping for vintage clothes. 

Likes: Boutique shopping, sunshine, having a tan, and the beach. 

Dislikes: Rain, being pale, and negativity.
Fears: Falling in love with Brady.

Temperament:Lexi is like the state she hails from: warm and sunny.  She always has a smile on her face and will offer a friendly ear to talk to.  Although she likes shopping and being a blonde, she is no pushover.  Lexi is known for being a fierce and loyal friend who tries to see the good in everyone she meets.

Embry's Imprint: Sydney Blackwing


Name: Sydney Blackwing

Imprintee of: Embry Call

  • Mother - Amber Blackwing, orig. Young (deceased)
  • Father - Richard Blackwing
  • Cousins - Claire and Emily Young
  • Siblings: None
Age: 22

From: Makah Reservation; currently Seattle

Occupation: College Student

Hair: Long, wavy, and black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Scent (To Embry): Black Raspberries and Vanilla

Origin: Both of her parents are Makah; her mother was the daughter of the Makah Chief.

Height: 5'8

Body: Tall, muscular, and proud of a few curves.

Race: Native American

Friends: Grew up spending summers with Claire Young; the two are very close.

Dreams/Life Goals: Would like to into Law.  

Hobbies: Reading, making jewelry

Likes: Getting lost in Trashy Romance Novels, making fancy cocktails, and taking bubble baths.  Also enjoys combining all three.  

Dislikes: Cheap flowers, alarm clocks, and money.
Fears: That she'll end up like her workaholic, loveless father.

Temperament: Sydney is kind and generous, but also has an unpredictable side that she inherited from her free-spirited mother.  She also is known for her passion and hot temper.

A Sunday Tease....

Since you're all dying from the last update ; )  here is a tease of the next chapter.  I expect it to be up sometime this week.  In the meantime, I hope this helps you through!


Regan pressed herself against me, a tiny sigh escaping from her lips as she felt my aching body against hers.  I winced inwardly.  I didn’t want this to seem like a booty call - it really wasn’t.  I just wanted to be near her so that my freaking body would calm itself down for an hour or so.  My skin absolutely crawled when I wasn’t near her. 

I just wanted to feel okay again.

Regan sighed into my mouth, leaning back into my arms.  I clasped her warm body against mine, painstakingly breaking our kiss. 

“Tell me,” I repeated.

She sucked in a short breath. 

“It’s nothing.  Just….I don’t want to talk right now.  I just….I feel so…”

“What?” I asked, looking down at her. 

She stared up at me, her green eyes pleading and scared at the same time.

“I’m scared.”

“Why?  Regan….I’ll do anything to keep you safe…”

My mind raced.  Why was she scared?

“I know that…that’s not….no…”

“Tell me,” I pleaded again.  I could feel her pulse racing through her skin as I held her small hands in mind.  Her heart throbbed in her chest; I could hear it.

“Seth I…..I think I’m pregnant.”

My knees threatened to buckle.  My breath escaped my throat, feeling as if it was sucked from me.  My throat tightened, threatening to cut off all air. 


She gulped, breaking our eye contact.  She shifted from one foot to the other before blinking up at me.  A large tear, followed by another slid down her cheek as she began to tremble.