Sunday, July 31, 2011

Embry's Imprint: Sydney Blackwing


Name: Sydney Blackwing

Imprintee of: Embry Call

  • Mother - Amber Blackwing, orig. Young (deceased)
  • Father - Richard Blackwing
  • Cousins - Claire and Emily Young
  • Siblings: None
Age: 22

From: Makah Reservation; currently Seattle

Occupation: College Student

Hair: Long, wavy, and black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Scent (To Embry): Black Raspberries and Vanilla

Origin: Both of her parents are Makah; her mother was the daughter of the Makah Chief.

Height: 5'8

Body: Tall, muscular, and proud of a few curves.

Race: Native American

Friends: Grew up spending summers with Claire Young; the two are very close.

Dreams/Life Goals: Would like to into Law.  

Hobbies: Reading, making jewelry

Likes: Getting lost in Trashy Romance Novels, making fancy cocktails, and taking bubble baths.  Also enjoys combining all three.  

Dislikes: Cheap flowers, alarm clocks, and money.
Fears: That she'll end up like her workaholic, loveless father.

Temperament: Sydney is kind and generous, but also has an unpredictable side that she inherited from her free-spirited mother.  She also is known for her passion and hot temper.

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