Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Regan...

Up next in Love This Pain, Seth's imprint is turning the big 1-7.  Along with age come some daunting realizations for our girl as she begins to feel a certain pull...


I slunk down in my chair, wanting to disappear completely.  This had been the weirdest birthday of my entire life.  

I hadn’t been in the kitchen for two minutes when I heard a rumbling sound as it moved up the quiet street.  When it pulled into the driveway, I realized it was Seth’s ugly aqua and white Bronco.  I was caught in a love hate relationship with that thing.  It was huge and loud and terribly unfortunate looking, however…it stood for stability.  Reliability.  Both were things I admired.  

My thoughts about Seth’s vehicle confirmed my fears; Forks was indeed making me a little bit crazy.  I poked at the ice in the glass of water waiting at my seat at the kitchen table.  As it bounced up and down in the liquid, I feared I really was going crazy.  I wondered why people I didn’t know where sending me expensive boots, and why wolves hung out in my backyard, and why I suddenly got excited to hear an ugly truck pull up into the driveway.  

I didn’t have much more time to think.  I caught myself biting my lip as I stared in anticipation at the doorway to the kitchen.  The front door clicked shut, and I realized that Sue was too busy cooking to realize her son was here.  I didn’t hear a sound as he tip toed into the kitchen.  He grinned his signature smile at me, and I felt my heart start to race.  Holding his finger over his mouth, he signaled me to be quiet as he soundlessly crossed the kitchen floor.  I was amazed that someone so large could move so quietly.  

He snuck up behind his mother, paused, and then grabbed her sides as he shouted ‘Boo!” 

“Seth!” Sue shrieked, dropping the packet of cheese onto the counter.  She turned around and scowled up at her son, who gave her an innocent smile.  I watched as his smile seemed to spread to her, and soon she was grinning right back at him.  Smacking him across the chest with a dishtowel, she pretended to scoff.  

“You love me,” he chuckled, reaching around her and picking up a piece of green pepper off the cutting board behind her.  He crunched it in his teeth, still smiling like a jackass at his mom.  

I stood up to get some more ice for my glass.  Seth appeared in front of me, still grinning.  

 “Happy birthday!” he said excitedly, bending down to hug me.  I stiffened a little as his large body came closer, his muscled arms wrapping around me gently.  He gave me a quick squeeze, and I felt tingles run up and down my body at the surprise contact. 

I heard Sue cough as he pulled away.  

“Seth!” she shrieked suddenly.  He straightened, and both of our heads jerked towards Sue. 

“Uhm…help me grate the cheese?” she finally spit out.  Her eyes were wide as she stared at him, trying to regain her composure.  

Seth looked down at me, then back up at his mom.  “Uh…sure mom,” he said.  

“Wash your hands,” she said sternly, her eyes darting between me and him.  What was going on?  I stood in front of the fridge, still in a bit of shock.  Seth had hugged me.  It was weird but…strangely…nice.  


And, for your enjoyment - a little collage of the things that made up Regan's 17th birthday : )

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I'm totally not a wolf girl, but I'm falling in love with your Seth..."

I get that quote in about 75% of my reviews for Love This Pain.  

I secretly high five myself when I do get it, but that's beside the point.  

Not liking Seth Clearwater in the Twilight Saga book is like kicking a puppy.  How can you not like Seth?  For the record, I used a 'Team Seth' icon on Twitter for almost a week, and all I got were 'I love Seth!' random comments all the time.  I thought it was great!  I've literally never met a person who didn't like his character.  

Vamp girls, wolf girls, team Both girls...I get them all.  

I re-read Breaking Dawn for the zillionth time this summer, and I found a quote from Edward that I thought pretty much summed up my feelings about Seth.  Here is the scene, found on page 343 of BD.

"Hey, tell your sister to back off now, okay? Enough."

Seth nodded once.

I shoved agaisnt his shoulder this time.  "Get back to work.  I'll spell you in a bit."

Seth leaned against me, shoving me back, and then he galloped into the trees."

"He has one of the purest, sincerest, kindest minds I've ever heard," Edward murmured when he was out of sight.  "You're lucky to have his mind to share."

That alone is probably one of my favorite quotes in the entire series because it is so meaningful.  Edward can see into every deep, dark corner of Seth's mind, and that is what he chooses to say about him.  How beautiful is that?  That is the Seth I try to write in LTP.  I hope they match, because that is what I'm going for.  Thoughts?

This time around...

So, I'm re-reading Twilight.  

There are a few reasons behind this.  First of all, I have to admit that I'm a bad Twilight fan and I've only read it twice before this.  I've chatted with several of you on Twitter who say you've read it over ten times!  I'm sure there are more.  You can raise your hand and I won't laugh...
I'll also admit's my least favorite book.  If you put all three in front of me, I'd probably chose Midnight Sun first (if only, right?) then BD or Eclipse, then New Moon, and lastly Twilight.  I know I I said, bad fan.  

So, I'm going back and reading the book again.  Last night I completed five chapters - Bella has just invited Edward to the beach.  Honestly, I'm trying to read it with an open mind and pretend that it's my first time around again.  So far, it's working.  There's so much that I've forgotten in such a short time that it's atrocious.  

Second, those of you who read Love This Pain will definitely understand why I'm re-reading this book.  Regan, my main character in that story, goes to live with Sue and Charlie after having a rough time down in Phoenix with her absent mother and a bad crowd of friends.  She lives in Bella's old room, which Charlie has kept somewhat frozen in time and as a shrine to his daughter that he misses.  But that's another story. 

I really just wanted to go back to get into that frame of mind; the scared, lonely teenage girl who is in the middle of something other-worldly, scary and magical, but can't quite figure it out just yet.  However, Regan is a lot like Bella because she is observant and not much slips by her.  She's also like Bella because she's trying to convince herself that she's not effing crazy.  lol.  Of course, we get to see it from the wolfy side this time around, and not the vampire side.  

I suppose in a way Love This Pain is a lot like the 'wolf' version' of Twilight.  Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet Embry Call's other half...


Now, the outline I have planned for these two makes Bella and Edward look like whiny fourth graders.  I know you're probably wondering why I torture my characters so much, but hey...what fun would it be for them to fall happily in love on the first date? While it would be nice, it would be five pages long and utterly forgettable....admit it.  

So, meet Sydney.  

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Sydney is the daughter of a Makah man who fell in love with a Hawaiian woman while he was in the Navy.  When their only daughter Sydney was born, her father was determined to give her more that he had growing up on the reservation.  He moved his law firm to Seattle to grow and thrive, all the while determined to give his daughter more in life.  Sydney's father gives her the best in life, including a life with private schools, fancy vacations, and even a swanky downtown Seattle apartment.  If she follows in his footsteps and becomes a lawyer he says, that could be her lifestyle someday.  

So, when Sydney meets Embry call on a trip home, she is instantly drawn to him.  Embry is unlike anyone she has ever met; he works a blue collar job, lives simply, and is content living his life as he has for years.  But her father has other plans for her.  He has set her up with his most promising young law associate, Chad, and has high expectations for the pair.  Will she risk everything to follow the pull to Embry?  Will Embry fight for her, even though he goes against everything her father wants for her? They're drawn to each other like magnets, but will that be enough? true TwilightCakes fashion, things can never be that easy for them.  *hides*

 Coming Winter 2010.

Exciting news for Love This Pain!

Well, so here I go again, biting off more than I can chew...however, I'm pretty excited about this so we'll be alright.  Fast forward to a time when Untouchable and Fairytale are finished (that will take a lot off my plate), and I have a new story to post.  What's that? Another new story?  Yes, *this girl* has may-jah plans.  

After reading the comments that were left for LTP about Seth and the wolves, I decided that I had to do my part as a (mainly) wolfpack writer and add to the success of that story.  Spinoff time!  Now, keep in mind LTP will be basically complete before the spinoff goes up, but hey...a girl can plan, can't she?  

That's why I've decided to go with an Embry fic.  Why Embry?  I'm not sure.  He was a character that I didn't know much about, and miss Meyer left him pretty wide open, as she did Seth.  Now, there are some pretty fabulous Embry authors out there, so this is nothing against them.  I'm simply hoping to add to the already promising list of fics devoted to this character.  

So, if you're keeping up, the 'series' as I've named it, will first cover Seth, then Embry, and Quil is last, but surely not least. 

I call it the 'Love Vs. Misery' series. 

Sound good?  I'm pretty excited about it.  As I said, up next will be Embry.  I think there are some awesome Embry fics out there, and I'm eager to add my take of things to the mix.  

Anyone up for a teaser?  Yeah, I thought so....

Without spoiling too much, it's an imprint story.  Embry never got an imprint in the saga, but I wanted to give the poor pup a chance at love, and why not give him a beautiful girl to lust after? 

The next post will be a teaser for someone very special....

Up next, meet Embry's imprint Sydney!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairytale Teaser: Chapter 7

In honor of this new blog, I'd like to christen it with a brand spanking new 'Fairytale' teaser.  Here we go!

“I should get you home princess,” he said softly, leaning over the table.  She sighed, patting his hand.  

“Alice,” she gently reminded him with a tiny smile.  He turned his hand over, clasping hers within it and squeezed.  

“Well…Alice,” he said gently.  “I really should be getting you home soon.  I should go pay our tab.  Will you excuse me?” 

She nodded, watching as he walked up to the bar to settle their bill for the ale and butter beers.  Did he sound as regretful to leave her as she was him?  She thought she could hear his reluctance to take her home in his voice, but she couldn’t be sure.  All she knew was that she really didn’t want to go home just yet to her empty bedroom.  She missed Rosalie, and she missed her company and companionship.  Alice briefly wondered what her beloved sister was doing now – was she happy with Emmett?  She was sure that she was; she had never seen two people look more in love than they did.   Would Jasper be the one to give her happiness like that?

As she stood, brushing off her plain dress, she met the eyes of a man across the crowded bar.  He was tall, dark skinned, and had the most piercing black eyes she had ever seen.  His black hair hung down in twists, but most of it was tied back in a low ponytail.  The mere appearance of him made her shiver.  Suddenly a flash of recognition crossed his face, and she panicked.  Looking away, she silently hoped that he hadn’t seen her and would forget all about her.  Glancing up a few seconds later, she realized that he was still looking at her, and in a flash of new terror, she realized that he must know who she was.  

Jasper was nowhere to be found in the crowd.  


So let's give this blogging thing a try....

Welcome to my new blog!  

Blogging is something I...never thought I would do.  However, after much encouragement from primarily my beta, mama23keiki and my lovely Twitter pals, I've decided to delve into it without much research.  So...bear with me.  

I suppose you're wondering what I'm going to put on here...and to be honest, I still kind of am to.  mama23keiki suggested that it be fore my fanfic, and I agreed.  However, I would also like to use it to give fic recs to others as well.  I've been asked a few times what I read personally, so here is where I'll keep you all posted about what I'm reading.  I will also post teasers, pics from chapters, story banners, and other interesting Twilight related bits of info.  

Stay tuned for some teasers : )