Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little Sunday tease....

“Are you upset with me?” she asked, looking over at me.  I shook my head. 

“I thought you were upset with me, actually.  I didn’t think it, I was convinced. You acted like I was the black plague.”

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t know what to say.”

“Neither did I.  I thought you didn’t want to talk to me.”

“What could I say?” she questioned, looking up at me with her eyes.  Those big, bright green eyes that could make me go slack-jawed…what was about her that was suddenly so much more…appealing?

I swallowed, my mouth feeling like sandpaper as I tried to speak. 

“I would have taken anything, frankly.”

She sighed, kicking at the ground again with her boot.  “Are we fighting?”

I shook my head.  “There’s nothing to fight about.  Believe me, the last thing I want to do right now is fight with you."

She was silent a moment, brushing a piece of her hair out of her face.  Her eyes darted around, taking in our surroundings.  I wished for Edward's gift. 

“What do you want to do?”

I paused, looking at her closely.  I could feel the tug at the base of my spine, urging me forward.  Regan stared up at me as she sat, her leg against mine on the picnic table.  The late fall breeze blew her hair around her face, sending waves of her alluring cherry almond scent towards me.  She blinked, her lashes brushing against her cheeks as she watched me. 

“Kiss you again,” I said, my voice firm and confident.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

TwiNetwork: Iron Pen Challenge

I entered in the first official TwiNetwork Iron Pen challenge!  I wanted to share my entry with you all, so here it is.  Although I didn't win, this was a great experience and I highly recommend participating in it.  This was my *first* attempt at writing Edward/Bella, so please enjoy!

I had thirty minutes to write this piece, so take it for what it's worth.  Either way, I'm pretty proud of it.


'Vampire Baseball'
"She'll be fine tonight, I promise."

I smiled weakly at Esme as she cradled my sleeping daughter in her pale arms. Renesmee was only a month old today, and it felt wrong to leave her for more than a few seconds. However, it was also just as difficult to refuse my newborn instincts.

Tonight, those instincts were telling me that I wanted to be alone with Edward. When Esme had offered to take care of her for the night, I had readily agreed. It was the first night in several weeks that we would be completely alone, for we hated leaving her. Even though I loved nothing more than to be with my husband, I knew I would miss my daughter.

"She always sleeps like an angel," Carlisle assured me, appearing behind his wife. Esme smiled up at him, stroking Renesmee's bronzed curls.

"She'll be fine love," Edward's gentle voice cut through my thoughts. He softly caressed my elbow, his velvet-like touch giving me a chill. My body knew what was to come. As much as I would miss my daughter tonight, our empty cottage was beckoning.

"I'll be back at dawn…maybe before then," I promised, my voice just above a whisper. Edward gave me another gentle tug, and I finally turned and followed him. With one graceful leap, he was over the back railing of the house and on the damp ground below. I followed, only to land in my husband's arms.

"I know you'll miss her…but tonight is just about us." I didn't miss the mischievous gleam in Edward's golden eyes. He wanted the same thing I did.

I felt another anticipatory chill race through my newborn body. An image of Edward sprawled across our white sheets entered my mind, and I could feel myself growing antsy.

"Take me home," I whispered urgently. With one wicked smile, he was off. Resting my head against his chest as he ran, I merely closed my eyes for a second before I felt him stop.

"We're home," he said softly, letting my feet touch the ground. I opened my eyes, dropping gracefully out of his arms. I was still getting used to my new body and all of it's grace.

We walked inside our cottage, holding hands and giggling to each other like teenagers. We both knew what was going to happen; it was inevitable. Anticipation hung in the air as we entered our bedroom together, finally turning to face one another.

"You're perfect," he murmured, cradling my face in his hands. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of his lips as they pressed against my forehead in a sweet kiss.

"I'm still getting used to it," I admitted. He smiled, his warm golden eyes looking me up and down.

"You had me fooled. This vampire thing…it suits you," he replied with a smirk.

"See? I knew all along," I replied, letting him follow me to the bed. He sat down on the soft white comforter, his gaze making me lick my lips.

"You fell into it perfectly," he practically purred, pulling me to stand in front of him.


"Mmm…" he hummed, pressing his face against my stomach. Lifting the hem of my simple black shirt, he began by placing a kiss just above my navel. The feeling of his silky mouth against my new sensitive skin already had me reeling. I still couldn't believe that he was mine forever.

"There's still things I want to…do," I choked out as he pulled my shirt over my head. He leaned back on the bed, pulling me into his lap. I perched on top of him easily, my hands resting on his broad, muscular shoulders. The feeling of the raw power encased in those arms made me squirm on his lap.

"What do you want to do then?"

"I want to do this….outside," I admitted, pulling his shirt off as well. I began to breath deeper as I felt his lips against the tops of my breasts. He always kissed them as if they were the most perfect breasts he had ever seen, and I would be eternally grateful for that. Edward gave me a confidence that I never knew I could have - and most of it he had given me in the bedroom.

"What else, love?"

I made a face as the next answer came to my lips. "I want to play baseball?"

Edward stopped. "Baseball?"

I nodded. "Like that day….when, you took me with your family. I wanted to be like you then. That was the first time I really…really wanted to be just like you."

He laughed, rubbing his hands down my spine and eliciting a growl from deep within me. "Well I think you'll have to wait for a storm to play real baseball. But I think I can offer a substitute for tonight," he replied, his voice low and raspy. I swallowed the venom that had pooled in my mouth at the sight of him beneath me, and I had to concentrate to keep my focus.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well," he began, running his hands down my sides, "I believe, if what I've learned in the minds of high school boys over the years is correct….that we've already been to first base."

I felt a slow, seductive smile creep onto my face. "Oh? And remind me again what first base is?"

"Gladly," he purred, tangling his hands in my hair. He gently pulled me down enough to press his perfect mouth against mine. He groaned as I swiped my tongue out and tasted his lips.

"I take it you enjoy first base?"

"I do…but I want to get….to second," I managed to squeak out between kisses. He smiled.

"Again, gladly. Second base….is….also very nice," he said. With vampire speed, he flipped me over on my back, hovering over me like a predator.

Leaning on one elbow, he ripped my jeans off my body with lightning fast speed.


"It's for baseball, Bella. Relax…" he replied. I let my head fall against the pillow as he ran his hand up the side of my body, an appreciative growl rolling through his chest. His hand ran over my breast, lightly squeezing my nipple through my bra. With another lightning fast motion, it was on the floor.

"Edward," I groaned again as his lips closed over my nipple. He hummed against my skin, making wetness pool between my thighs.

On instinct, my hand reached up and cupped him through his khakis. He was hard and ready. With more confidence than I would normally have, I reached up and ripped the waistline of his khakis. He helped me pull the shredded material off, and soon we were both free of all clothing. Pieces of fabric lay scattered around the bed, but neither one of us cared.

"Second base is equally as fun," I admitted, opening my eyes to see him still hovering above me. He dipped his fingers into my sex, eliciting another appreciative moan from me. He smiled, flashing his teeth at me.

"You're so beautiful when you let go, Bella."

I sighed and arched my back as I felt him lower himself on my body, his mouth making a hot trail of kisses and soft bites down my body. My sensitive skin felt like it was going to explode as he breathed on my chest, then my navel, and finally to the place where I wanted him most.

"I think you'll like third base as well?"

I panted as he kissed my center, gripping the sheets beside me. "I'm not going to be able to handle….a hit, or…when the bases are loaded…or a home run…or whatever…" I moaned.

Edward chuckled darkly before his tongue began to caress me. Slowly and sweetly he worshipped me with his mouth…his perfect, vampire mouth that had haunted my dreams for so many sexually frustrated nights.

"Oh…Oh God, Edward…I can't…." I moaned as he brought me closer and closer. He looked up, grinning at me as I arched my back and growled. A loud rip echoed in the room as the white comforter we were laying on gave way to my strong grip.

He laughed, lifting himself up. "We're rounding third base love…it's been a great game so far."

I groaned, biting my lip. "Ugh…stupendous. Edward…" I whined, my hand finding his shoulder.

He chuckled again before nestling himself between my legs. I could feel his hardness against my aching sex, and I was yearning for him. I wanted to feel him like I had so many times before. Being with Edward was never disappointing; he never left me unsatisfied.

"The bases are loaded now, Bella….should we bring it home?" he asked, using his hand to rub his refection against my folds. I licked my lips as my body ignited with passion for the man on top of me.

"Yes…God yes…" I heard myself growl.

"I'm going for a grand slam," he said, sinking himself into me. His body collided with mind in complete bliss. I cried out in joy as he filled me to the hilt, quickly setting a frenzied pace. Faster and faster he went, pouring himself into me like molten lava.

"Fuck Bella," he growled.

"Oh Edward…ah…" I moaned as I felt my body explode. I saw stars in front of my eyes as I came, his own body slamming against mine. It felt like heaven even as we both came down from our euphoric high. Rolling off of me, he pulled me to his chest as we both panted slightly from our game.

"Well….what did you think of your first game of vampire baseball?"

I laughed, propping myself up on my elbow. "Not what I had in mind…but…Edward?"

"Yes, Bella?"

"I'm going to have a hard time keeping a straight face when your family talks about playing baseball from now on."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The 'Love Vs. Misery' girls.

Someone asked what the girls in the Love vs. Misery series look like, so here you are!  I hope my pictures of them match up to whatever you have in your  mind for them....

In order: Regan, Lexi, Sydney, and Claire.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek of Chapter 2 of 'Touch Me; The Untouchable Outtakes'

Chapter 2: The Motel Room


“You have no idea how dangerous…and wild…I can be,” he said in a low voice, his lips brushed against her ear.  She sighed, letting her eyes fall closed as her breaths began to increase.  She loved when he was like this. 

He let his lips drag back up her neck, his tongue slipping out to taste her. She was like a drug to him, and it had been way too long since his last hit.  Pulling at her tank top, he slid it down her torso until it was around her waist.  She wriggled as he pulled at the top of her jeans, desperate to get her unclothed.  With another tug, the tank top and the pants were yanked down the rest of her body until all she wore was her underwear and bra. 

“You too,” she begged.  He nodded, yanking his shirt off until he stood in his low-hanging jeans.  Letting her eyes roam downward, she bit her lip as she spied the tiny trail of hair that circled his navel.  It traveled downwards, disappearing into his jeans.  The sculpted, tan muscles of his abdomen were like perfect hills and concave indents as they too disappeared into the waist of his Levis. 

“Like what you see?”

She looked up at him, blushing slightly for staring.  “I always have,” she whispered. 

He let his own eyes rake down her body, equally impressed.  The black bra she wore was fairly simple, but he didn’t need anything fancy tonight.  The tops of her creamy breasts heaved slightly with every breath she took, enticing him completely.  As promised, her pink frilly underwear didn’t match, but were perfect looking all the same.  It had always amazed him how his slightly tom-boyish, no-frills imprint could look amazing in a t-shirt and jeans; however, he did love it when he caught her in something girly and for his eyes only.

“I want you…it’s been too long,” he panted, gripping her hips.  With one movement, he had her pinned against the wall of the motel with a loud thump.  He worried for a second that he had hurt her with such force, but she only giggled and ground herself against his frame.

“You want to play rough?” she teased, biting her lip.  He smiled, bending his head down to kiss her. 

Renesmee was faster. 

“No you don’t,” she purred.  Using her vampire strength, she gripped his arms and whirled him around the way he had her.  His bare shoulder blades hit the wall with an even louder thump.  She bared her teeth playfully, a small hiss escaping as she held him against the wall.  Bits and pieces of plaster and dust fell from the ceiling, but neither one noticed. 

“You’re so bad,” he replied with a smile.  She nodded, giving him another teasing stare. 

Biting her lip, she thought a moment.  “What are you gonna do about it?”

Thursday, March 3, 2011

another tease...

Taking a deep breath, I blew out the candles.  One by one their flames were extinguished, and I was filled with the utmost of satisfaction.  The pungent smell of the smoke soon vanished as my family and friends erupted into cheers.  There was movement all around me as the cake was cut and the pieces were handed out….but I only saw him. 

I was eighteen. 

Seth looked away, breaking our strange trance that no one else in the room had seemed to notice.  Jamming his hands in his pockets, he looked down at the hardwood floor.  Sue smiled and cut into the masterpiece of a birthday cake she had made for me, and my friends all chattered away excitedly.  We were in the dining room on the rainy, fall afternoon celebrating my birthday with cake and a few presents.  Lexi, Claire, Quil, Zeke, and of course Seth, Leah, Sue and Charlie were there with me, nearly busting at the seams for a taste of Sue’s baking skills. 

“Open mine first,” I heard Claire insist, shoving a shiny pink-wrapped package at me. 
"Let her eat her cake first!” Lexi laughed, dipping her finger in the pink frosting.  She swiped it on Clarie's’ arm and they both burst into laughter than I only half-heartedly shared. 

I watched Seth as he took his seat at the end of the table next to Charlie, patiently waiting for his share.  He had been acting strange for the past few weeks, and I think I knew why. 

After my hissy fit in the meadow, things with Seth were fine for awhile, and then the closer it got to my birthday…the weirder they got.  Don’t ask me what came over for me in the meadow, because I couldn’t tell you.  I hadn’t planned or expected to explode like that, but something snapped inside of me.  Hearing Seth talk about going out with another girl was more than I could take.  I had nearly exploded on him and told him how I felt.  I wanted to scream and cry and unload on him about how badly I wanted him for myself.  How selfishly I pined after him, my best friend, and how wrong I felt but at the same time how utterly right it felt to want him.  I wanted to tell him the truth - that I wanted him to wait for me to grow up and for it to be okay for me to feel the way I felt about him.  I wanted to tell him that it nearly broke my heart to think of him moving on and away from me. 

But instead, I sat in my chair, on the opposite side of the room from him and said nothing.  I watched as our friends talked and laughed and joked over cake, and I wished I could think about anything else but the fact that I was now eighteen. 

Seth looked up at that exact moment, and our gazes met. 

“Happy Birthday,” he mouthed to me across the table.  I managed to nod and try not to look like a fool as he gave me a small smile.

‘Thank you,’ I mouthed back. 

Chapter 31: Dirty Little Secret

 A sneak peek of the upcoming chapter....un-beta'd - any mistakes are my own and will be fixed prior to posting.  Enjoy! 


When the song ended, I let him pull me off the dance floor.  Our friends were still all dancing and having a good time; even Lexi had gotten Brady to give in and dance with her.  I could tell that the party was just getting started - all the little kids had long since gone to bed, and the older people were back at their tables, drinking coffee.  That was always a surefire way to tell that the party was really starting, I thought.  Leah's wedding had gone off without a hitch, and I couldn't have been happier for her.  The entire night was so flawless and beautiful so far that I felt giddy. 

“I’m hot,” I whined to Seth.  He laughed, still holding my hand in his as he walked by the bar.  Grabbing two more glasses of champagne, he handed me one. 

“Our little secret,” he laughed, taking a long swig of his.  I did the same, giggling as the bubbles slid down my throat.  The champagne didn’t make me feel drunk; just giddy and excited and really happy.  I liked it.  As if he was reading my mind, Seth chuckled and downed the rest of his.  I followed his lead, finishing off the glass.  I normally wouldn’t have drank, but…tonight felt like a celebration.  I was entering a new phase of my life, and it was one I was looking very forward too.

“Want to stand outside?  It’s cooler out there,” he said, motioning to the entrance of the tent.  I nodded, and we both put down out empty glasses.  We walked out into the cool night air, still in high spirits from the champagne and the dancing.

“Leah looks so pretty,” I told him.  The chilly fall air instantly cooled me as we walked over to where a bench was set up along the side of the huge white tent. 

“You’re pretty,” Seth joked, sitting down on the bench.  I wasn’t sure if it was the champagne or the giddiness I had felt with him while dancing, but…I sat on his lap like I owned him.  Seth’s face showed surprise, but it wasn’t unpleasant.  In fact, it was far from it.  He said nothing, but his face brightened and his arm went around my waist like it was second nature as I perched on his thigh.  I wrapped an arm around his shoulders, leaning on him easily.

“Are you drunk, Seth Clearwater?” I laughed, looking over at him.

He chuckled, shaking his head at me.  “No, just happy.”

“Whys that?”

He shook his head.  “No reason,” he said with a happy smirk.  I gave him a weird look, and he shrugged. 

“Then what’s that look on your face?” I teased.

He shrugged again, making another face at me.  His bright smile and tan face looked smug and almost satisfied; like he was keeping a secret from me…but one that he would eventually tell.  I laughed nervously, but it was a good feeling.  I secretly loved being this close to him.   His warm, inviting scent swirled around me, and I secretly hoped I smelled as good to him. 

“Tell me,” I urged, shaking his shoulder with my arm.  He chuckled again, the same smug look reappearing. 

“I was…just thinking that I’m so glad you’re happy.  You look….so happy today and just….full of….ah, I don’t know,” he stuttered, looking away.

“I am happy,” I said slowly, watching his features.  I had never been this close to him before for such a long period of time, and it was so nice.  I could see every freckle, every eyelash, every feature of his face.  I wanted to be…closer. 

He turned his face back towards mine, a slow smile appearing on his lips.  “That’s all I’ve….ever wanted…for…um, you,” he admitted, stumbling over his words.

I caught myself staring at his lips as he spoke about my happiness.  He wanted me to be happy.  Another feeling of satisfaction burned through my veins as I sat on his lap, staring at his mouth.  And then….I was drawn to it. 

“Really?” I whispered, willing my eyes to look up into his.  His warm, perfect, beautifully brown eyes. 

“Really,” he said with a gulp.  There was a sharp yet invitingly warm tug on my sternum then, as if it was being pulled like a moth to a flame.  I could feel it, but it didn’t make me panic because it was pulling me towards the only thing in the world I wanted - him.

“Only one thing could make me happier.”

“What’s that?” he whispered, his voice rough and gravelly. 

I swallowed nervously, giving into the tug.  I was tired of fighting it. 

So….I did the only thing I could do.  I stopped trying.