Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek of Chapter 2 of 'Touch Me; The Untouchable Outtakes'

Chapter 2: The Motel Room


“You have no idea how dangerous…and wild…I can be,” he said in a low voice, his lips brushed against her ear.  She sighed, letting her eyes fall closed as her breaths began to increase.  She loved when he was like this. 

He let his lips drag back up her neck, his tongue slipping out to taste her. She was like a drug to him, and it had been way too long since his last hit.  Pulling at her tank top, he slid it down her torso until it was around her waist.  She wriggled as he pulled at the top of her jeans, desperate to get her unclothed.  With another tug, the tank top and the pants were yanked down the rest of her body until all she wore was her underwear and bra. 

“You too,” she begged.  He nodded, yanking his shirt off until he stood in his low-hanging jeans.  Letting her eyes roam downward, she bit her lip as she spied the tiny trail of hair that circled his navel.  It traveled downwards, disappearing into his jeans.  The sculpted, tan muscles of his abdomen were like perfect hills and concave indents as they too disappeared into the waist of his Levis. 

“Like what you see?”

She looked up at him, blushing slightly for staring.  “I always have,” she whispered. 

He let his own eyes rake down her body, equally impressed.  The black bra she wore was fairly simple, but he didn’t need anything fancy tonight.  The tops of her creamy breasts heaved slightly with every breath she took, enticing him completely.  As promised, her pink frilly underwear didn’t match, but were perfect looking all the same.  It had always amazed him how his slightly tom-boyish, no-frills imprint could look amazing in a t-shirt and jeans; however, he did love it when he caught her in something girly and for his eyes only.

“I want you…it’s been too long,” he panted, gripping her hips.  With one movement, he had her pinned against the wall of the motel with a loud thump.  He worried for a second that he had hurt her with such force, but she only giggled and ground herself against his frame.

“You want to play rough?” she teased, biting her lip.  He smiled, bending his head down to kiss her. 

Renesmee was faster. 

“No you don’t,” she purred.  Using her vampire strength, she gripped his arms and whirled him around the way he had her.  His bare shoulder blades hit the wall with an even louder thump.  She bared her teeth playfully, a small hiss escaping as she held him against the wall.  Bits and pieces of plaster and dust fell from the ceiling, but neither one noticed. 

“You’re so bad,” he replied with a smile.  She nodded, giving him another teasing stare. 

Biting her lip, she thought a moment.  “What are you gonna do about it?”

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