Monday, April 25, 2011

Love vs. Misery

So a lot of people have been asking the question 'What is Love vs. Misery'? on twitter.  I've been talking about it for quite awhile and to answer your question ...

It's the entire series of stories that are a spinoff of 'Love This Pain'.  

The first story, as you all know, is Seth and Regan's story.  

Next, we will shake things up a bit with Embry, as I tell his and Sydney's story with 'Taking Chances'.  It's a tale of forbidden love and making decisions despite what everyone else thinks. 

After that will be Brady and Lexi's story 'All of Me' - which I think will definitely surprise you.  In this story, we'll find out just how far imprint love will really go.

Finally, we'll have Quil and Claire's story, tentatively titled 'Into the Storm' which deals with first love and all the expectations that come with it.  It isn't always how we think it should be.  

That said, I hope you're all excited for this saga.  I've outlined all three new stories, and I'm really excited about each one of them as they bring completely different topics and themes to the table.  

This spring I am focusing on Love This Pain, as Embry's story - Taking Chances - has a post date of 7.1.11. 

I hope you are all as excited to read as I am to write! 

A teaser dedicated to IrishMom420....

This goes out to you!  : )


“You kept your promise to always be there for me, and that’s really….sexy,” she choked out.  I sensed this was something she had wanted to get off her chest for awhile now by the way she kept stopping and tripping over her words. 

I looked over at her, feeling myself start to blush as the mood in the room lightened.  “Mark this day on the calendar.  Regan thinks I’m sexy.”

She bit her lip and looked away, sliding her hands down my bare arms.  Her hands lingered on my forearms before she tucked her hands back into her lap.  “I don’t feel wrong about admitting that either.”  Her eyes darted up to mine, and a fire flashed through them that I didn’t recognize. 

“You shouldn’t.  You should know you can tell me anything.”

“I know that…it’s just that…we’ve always been friends and it was different.  Now I want to tell you…different things.  Like….” she sighed in frustration. 

“Like?” I prodded.

“Never mind.”  Damn, her bashfulness won out. 

“Well you think I’m sexy.  That’s something,” I joked, trying to lighten the mood again. 

“You’re an Adonis Seth, get used to it,” she quipped, dipping her head. 

I swallowed, trying to get a grip on her new found boldness. She looked down at her lap, wringing her hands.   “I….I wanted to tell you things like this for so long.  But it didn’t feel right because….well…” she trailed off.

“What made you change your mind?” I questioned without thinking.  She looked up at me, her eyes hopeful.  I could see her dilated eyes in the darkness, and I was almost tongue tied by her beauty in that moment….I had to focus to her hear speak.

“Honestly? Kissing you, at Leah’s wedding.  I mean…I had had…feelings for you for some time, but….God, this is embarrassing…”

“No….I…completely understand,” I said.  I had to hand it to her - she was being bold and going out on a limb, and I couldn’t leave her hanging just…out there.  “I have feelings for you too, Regs.”

Friday, April 22, 2011

LTP Tease?

 The silence in the room was taunting me.  Here she was, in my bedroom, in my bed….and it was killing me.  I knew I was at my breaking point with her, and my resistance was low.  I had been trying desperately to not give into my new feelings for her, thinking she was too young and it was too soon, but…I couldn’t help it. 

This felt right.

I sat up, running my hand through my hair.  Was this a mistake?  No, mistakes didn’t feel this right.  Mistakes you could feel in your gut.  Mistakes felt wrong while you were doing them. 

Being here with her certainly didn’t feel that way. 

“What do you want, Regan?” I finally whispered.  My voice cracked with emotion, and I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.  I didn’t want to hate myself for wanting this girl so badly; I felt exhausted from refusing my instinct to be with her.  It felt like carrying weights up a stream, but instead of a little brook I was up to my neck in rapids.

She sat up next to me, sitting down on her knees on the bed.  I tried not to look at the way the shirt shifted again, exposing her black bra, or the way she sexily tucked her legs beneath her body.  She wrapped her arms slowly around my neck, pulling me closer to her body that was still slightly chilled by the cool air in the Cullens house.  I reciprocated, trying to keep my focus as our skin touched and sparked pleasantly.  Regan looked up at me, her eyes sad and pleading.

My heart went out to her as she spoke; I knew this wasn’t easy for her. 

“I guess…I guess I just am scared to admit to myself how I feel about you…and I wish it was okay to feel like I do.”

“How do you feel about me?” I blurted out. 

She looked up at me, her eyes straining in my dark bedroom as the silence chilled us both.  I wanted to hear her answer more than anything. 

“You frustrate me,” she said stubbornly, her bottom lip jutting out.


Her eyes shifted downwards uncomfortably.  “I don’t know, you just do.” 

I bit my lip and thought a second, contemplating my next move.  How to go about this without sounding weird…

“I shouldn’t.  Regan, I’m here for you and….I’m here to be whatever you need me to be.”

“What does that mean, exactly?”

I bit back a laugh at her blunt question.  “It means what I said.  I’m whatever you want…and need.”

She looked at me, her eyes straining again to see my face in the dim light.  “I’m afraid of what I need from you.”  her voice was just above a whisper, and I could feel it; it was laced with shame and regret already.  If she was embarrassed, she didn’t need to be.

“What do you need?” I asked, my voice cracking again.

She looked away, her hands clenching behind my neck as she held me.  Her warm breath blew on my face, enchanting me with her even more.  It was hard to concentrate with this girl in front of me, so close….so beautiful. 

“I told you…I’m afraid to answer that.”

Untouchable: The Final Chapter

She turned to her father, her eyes already misty.  The look he returned to her clearly said he would be misty-eyed if his vampire-body would allow it.

“You look like a vision, as always,” he replied softly. 

“Dad,” she protested, giving him a bashful look.  Please don’t make me cry, she thought to him.  I’m going to ruin my makeup.

He gave her a lightning fast wink.  “One of us has to, don’t they?” he answered out loud.

Thank you…for everything.  For forgiving me for how I’ve acted…for accepting Jacob….for helping us even stand a chance, she thought.

Edward’s lips twitched slightly as he tried not to smile.

“Of course,” he answered.

She sniffed, nodding.  I know you didn’t have to accept him the way you did….but…the fact that you’re so happy for me…on my wedding day….shows that you’re okay with this.

“I love him as if he was my own.  My heart…or lack of…couldn’t be happier today for you, Renesmee,” he promised. 

“You do?” she whispered, her voice already shaking.

He nodded.   “You know your old, stubborn father.  Does he ever say anything he doesn’t truly mean?  I trusted you to pick your own destiny….and I’m glad you picked the right one.  You just….needed some time to figure things out.  Make some mistakes…grow, I suppose.  But you figured it out."

She sniffed, reaching for both of his hands.  Squeezing them on her own, she marveled at the feeling of her father’s smooth, cool fingers.

I almost screwed everything up.  Denali, Stefan, running away, Damon, the Volturi….

Edward gave her another wry smile.  “Well, you wouldn’t be your mother’s daughter if you weren’t a little bit foolish at times.  But when it comes to the most important thing of all - love,” he replied, his voice as smooth as satin, “You’ve always done the right thing."

I love you, dad.  I know I've put you through hell....

"I did the same to you, Renesmee."

All is forgiven today though, right?  

Her father looked up, his golden eyes shining.  He nodded, taking another look at her in her white wedding dress.   

“As promised, something blue,” Edward replied, slipping something on her wrist.  Renesmee gasped, looking down at the dainty diamond and sapphire bracelet that now hung around her wrist.  It was small and simple, yet had a beautiful antique look that she adored.

“I love it!” she gasped, holding up her wrist.  Edward smiled, leaning down to kiss her cheek.  "Another trinket of my mother's that luckily...." he stopped, swallowing.  "Carlisle made me keep."

"Oh dad..."

“Enough of that.  I believe you have another item of jewelry to go collect.  Shall we?” he asked, holding out his arm. Renesmee nodded, and she couldn't help but feel like she was taking a step towards her destiny.