Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little LTP sneak peek....

I wanted to take a second to give my readers a little pre-Valentine treat.  Here is a snippet of what I'm working on today!  


I awoke later that night to a pounding on my front door.  Sitting up, I realized I was no longer drunk, and it was still dark out.  So much for riding out that buzz, I thought with a grimace.  The pounding increased as I made my way down the steps of the Cullen house, rubbing my eyes.  What time was it?  It had to be extremely late. 

Glancing out the glass windows next to the door, my eyes widened as I realized it was Regan.  Standing at my door, in the middle of the night.  She motioned for me to open the door.  Flinging it open, I gaped at her.

“What are you doing here?”
Her face instantly brightened as she floated into the house.  “I’m here, Seth.  That’s all that matters,” she said quietly, walking up to me. 

I blinked several times as I closed the door behind her.  Regan stepped closer to me, grabbing my forearms in her chilly hands.

“You’re so warm,” she said softly, looking up at me.  She blinked her jewel-like green eyes, flashing me a smile.   Her hair was down, hanging in soft curls around her face.  Was her hair….longer?  I tried to look at it as nonchalantly as I could as she gazed up at me with a soft smile on her face.  As her soft hands caressed me, I realized I was half naked, standing in the entryway in my boxers. 

“What are you doing here Regs?  It’s late, Sue and Charlie have to be worried-”

“-No,” she said, reaching up to cover my mouth.  “I snuck out.  It doesn’t matter anyway Seth, just…just let’s go upstairs.”


Regan darted up the steps, and I quickly followed her more confused than ever.  What on earth was she doing at my house in the middle of the night?  My mind swirled with the possibilities of everything that could be wrong, but she didn’t seem upset.  She seemed….different. 

When we go to the living room, she turned to face me.  “Regan, what’s wrong?” I asked. 

She looked out the glass windows that overlooked the backyard, her face serious, but content.  What was going on?

“Seth, I cant’ take this anymore.  I just want to be with you.  I’m tired of playing games,” she finally said, walking towards me.  I tensed, suddenly feeling like I should be uncomfortable, but I wasn’t.  In fact, seeing her walking towards me made me…excited.  Nervous.  Giddy.  Alive.  Every sense in my body was at full alert as she stopped in front of me.  Her hands went up to her coat, unbuttoning it slowly.  Her movements were tantalizingly slow as she removed it.  It fell to the floor, leaving her in a tight black tank top and the tiniest shorts I had ever seen in my life.  I sucked in a breath.


Her hand flew up to my mouth again.  “No, Seth…just….shhhh,” she urged, her voice fading to a whisper.  Smirking at me playfully, she pushed me back onto the white couch with one little shove of her hand.  I sat there, my mouth falling open as I gaped at her.  How was this happening?

“Don’t talk,” she said, slowly sitting on my lap, straddling me.  I swallowed hard as I felt myself start to harden.  “Just kiss me.”

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little LTP sneak peek....

IrishMom420 requested a sneak peek of what I've been working on today.  I warn you - this is unbeta'd, so excuse any typos as of right now.  They are truly my own. 

In this scene, Regan and Claire are at the prom and Quil and Seth are hiding in the bushes in wolf form, spying on them.  Zeke and Regan are out in the gazebo (Think prom scene from Twilight) and are dancing.  Seth and Quil are listening to their conversation.  Enjoy!


I made it up the hill where the country club was in under ten minutes.  I slunk up so sit beside him on the damp ground out of view. 

Is this depressing or what? Quil asked. 
It’s only depressing if we admit it happened to anyone, I offered.  He agreed and we settled back to watch.  I couldn’t see well, but the times I did happen to see Regan inside the windows my heart would speed up inside my chest.  She looked even prettier than before, because this time she was dancing with her friends and laughing.  I was so happy to see her having a good time that my drunken-bad mood had practically lifted.  That was, until she came outside to the gazebo.  I watched with raised hackles as Zeke politely took her in his arms and offered her a slow dance.

Watch it, pup, I thought with a growl. 

“So, are you having fun?” Zeke asked as they rocked back and forth.  Music played softly over the outdoor speakers, but I could still hear all of their conversation.  Quil and I both waited with baited breath.

“Yes, Zeke, very much.  Thanks for…..sucking it up and just taking a friend,” she laughed. 

“You’re fine.  I had no problem just taking a friend.  It’s a lot easier that way, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.  But….why didn’t you ask like…a real date?  I mean…” she laughed nervously.  “Someone you…like?”

He nodded, flashing her a knowing grin.  “I don’t know.  I just haven’t….met that girl yet.  Ya know?”

I smiled, realizing he was saying (without actually saying it) that he was waiting for his imprint.  My heart panged with an unwelcome familiarity for what Zeke was feeling at this point in his life.  Wondering if she’s out there and he’s missed her, or if she’s right in front of his nose, or even born yet.  I didn’t miss that feeling, and it wasn’t one that I would wish on anyone. 

Regan paused a moment, her features going slack as if she was deep in thought.  “Oh….um, I suppose not.”

“You look like you were about to say something,” he prodded.  He must be aware that I was going to pump him for information later.  That kid knew me all too well. 

“I….guess…I mean…”

“Do you have someone you wanted to ask you?”

She laughed nervously again, shrugging as they swayed.  “No, not really.  I….”

He watched her, waiting for her answer.  I swallowed nervously, practically holding my breath at that point. 

“Oh come on.  Who do you really want to be dancing with?  It’s okay Regan, I swear,” he grinned. 

“It’s so stupid, you would totally laugh,” she insisted, shaking her head at herself. “The person….the last place he would want to be is at a high school prom.”

Zeke slowed his swaying, staring down at my imprint with wide eyes.  “Why would they not want to be here?  Regan, you’re one of my best friends.  Anyone would want to be here with you.  Why wouldn’t you think that?”

“He um….” I could hear her heart pounding in her chest from twenty yards away and over the sound of the music.  She licked her lips nervously, avoiding his eye contact. 

“He wouldn’t be able to come,” she murmured nervously.  Zeke took the bait.

“Is he from back home?  In Phoenix?”

Regan shook her head.  “No….he…”

“He’s from here, isn’t he?”

She nodded, twisting her hands on his shoulders as they danced.  I held my breath.  Get her to say more! I silently urged him. 

“I already know who he is, don’t I?” he asked quietly.  She averted her eyes, nodding. I watched as Regan bit her lip and avoided eye contact with him. 

Oh. My. God, My mind screamed.  And then I lost all ability to think coherently for a few seconds.  Was she talking about me?

Of course she’s talking about you, moron,
Quil echoed.  I felt my chest tighten as my jaw clenched down in pain.  Self pity washed over me as I watched her sway from side to side with someone who was not me. 

Easy bro, Quil coached me.  He was torn; I could feel that he wanted to leave me to my thoughts.  After a few moments he stood and quietly slunk away, giving me some space to wallow.  He was going to try to see Claire from another spot in the bushes and leave me to myself.