Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cruel Summer tease....

Katniss felt her heart sink a little.  She didn’t want to hurt him, but she didn’t want to compromise what she wanted out of the summer.  She was there to work, make money, and make sure Prim had a good time.  

When it came down to it, Peeta would only complicate things.  

“Look Peeta, I know that….I was harsh when I said that to Cato about….well, what I said.  I was serious.  I can’t afford to concentrate on anything but work and Prim this summer.  I hope you don’t take it personally.”

Peeta’s face fell, but he quickly regained his composure.  “No, that’s….I get it.  Family is important, so….that’s cool.  That’s great, actually.”
“But we can still be friends,” she quickly added. 

Peeta looked up at her, his face serene but his blue eyes stormy.  “Right,” he agreed softly, “Just friends.”

Cruel Summer FAQ

Hey guys!  So for those who didn't know I have recently ventured into writing for The Hunger Games.  I posted a modern day AU Katniss/Peeta titled 'Cruel Summer'.  I get a lot of questions about the fic, so I thought I would post a little frequently asked questions post.  I will continue to add to it as I get questions.

-Why summer camp?
Why not?  I always wanted to go to camp as a kid, and I was fascinated with the show on the Disney Channel at the time titled 'Bug Juice'.  I loved being outdoors and doing things like exploring the woods and horse back riding, so I wanted to incorporate Katniss and Peeta into something like that. 

-Why is Cato nice? Why is Gale okay with Peeta?
I'm already doing an AU fic, so why not mix it up even more?  Mean Cato has been done.  Jealous Gale has been done to death.  In this universe, Gale is more into someone else and knows that he and Katniss are not meant to be.  And I never said Cato would be nice, just that he wouldn't be fighting anyone to the death : )

-Will Effie and Haymitch hook up?
I get this one a LOT.  Just keep reading.

-Why are the chapters so short?
Long chapters are daunting to work on, simple as that.  When I want to write a scene for this story, I sit down and have a whole chapter before I even know it.  It's a lot easier to sit down and write 1700 words than 7000.

If you have any more questions, please put them into the comments section of this post or dm me on ff.n

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh noes!

Just in case....

So, everyone is freaking out about pulling I figured I should let my readers know where else they can find me.  I recently got back into posting on TwiWrite, so you can always find me there. 

In addition to that, you can always contact me on Twitter - just in case you need the lowdown on where else to find my stories.  I'm @TwilightCakes on twitter and I usually respond in the same day. 

Never fear - I'm not going anywhere!  Censors be damned.  In the meantime, sign this

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anyone up for a Sunday tease?

Our next LTP update will find Seth and Regan enjoying her newfound freedom.  With high school graduation comes real dates, talks of the future, and of course some kinky time as the couple rediscovers each other.  They are still best friends, but they are rather drunk with the idea of what fun activities her aging can bring.  In this chapter, Seth has started a food fight and hopes to repay Regan for their experiment in the meadow from the end of the last chapter.  Let's just say he fights dirty...


But it wasn’t enough.  I wanted to taste her.  “Trust me,” I murmured in her ear.  

Her messy bun shook as she nodded her head in agreement and permission.  Gently, I pushed her back to that she was laying on the counter, her legs hanging over the side.  I stood between them and  grabbed the syrup with a grin, laying a thin trail of it down her chest, across her breasts, zig zagging across her stomach, and ending right above her pubic bone.  The delightful little excuse for underwear she was donning taunted me shamelessly.  

I looked down at my imprint, sprawled out on my white kitchen counter, her hair mussed, cheeks pink and her pale body covered in whip cream and chocolate sauce.  Her pale pink underwear were  a stark contrast with the dark chocolate that decorated her skin, and it made me shiver with excitement.  I would have to be careful to lock this memory away like a steel trap so that no one but me would ever witness it.  

It wouldn’t be easy. 
Regan looked up at me, her chest rising and falling in anticipation for what I was going to do.  Leaning over, I kissed her mouth sweetly before attacking her neck.  My hands ran down her sides as she began to writhe in pleasure against me.  I sucked, kissed, bit, and tasted all the way down her body, taking time to tease her.  I took one of her turgid peaks in my mouth, reveling in the taste of her own flavor mixed with the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  Then she moaned my name.  

“Ohh…Seth,” she groaned.  I looked over at her side to watch her fist clench itself on the countertop next to her.  I smiled wickedly against her skin.  

I dragged my tongue down her stomach in a tantalizingly slow manner, wanting to tease her.  She continued to clench and unclench her hands as I moved my mouth down her stomach.  I squeezed her hips, my sensitive fingertips able to feel the goose bumps as they rose up on her skin.  Glancing up, I watched her biet her lip in order to bite back a high pitched whimper.  

Yes…the wolf inside me growled.  Please her…

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Of Me characters!

As mentioned in my previous post, many times you want to see pictures of said characters.  If you follow me on Tumblr or twitter, you're aware of the debate I had.  Originally, I pictured Candice Accola as Lexi.

 Perfect, right?  Then....I had to pick my Brady.  Brady to me has always been Michael Trevino from the same show as Candice (The Vampire Diaries).  I didn't think anything of picking him out as Brady when the two actors were on the show together.  He's vicious, sexy, and sultry, with a spitfire attitude.  Perfect.

So then, the two characters (who I thought we complete opposites) began dating on the show.

I balked at the idea of having them be together on the show and in my banners and story and Kristen Bell.  I really didn't want to confuse people so that they would think this was a crossover fic.  She was young, happy, and every bit the little California dreamer that I had pictured for Lexi. 

While I feel she is a good representation of Lexi, my mind kept going back to Candice Accola.  She was just the person I had pictured the entire time, and I decided to stick with her instead of going with Kristen.  Many people have commented on the choice and agree. 

We're 7 chapters into AOM - who do you picture as Lexi? 

Then come Lexi's dads.  Her biological father I can see as someone like Aaron Eckhart.

 For her mother, I see Tea Leoni.

 Then that would bring us to Patrick....I kept it simple here.  Patrick Demsey.

What do you think of my character choices? 

Love This Pain - PROM!

So a lot of times people ask what something in the story looked like - houses, characters, outfits, cars, etc.  So here is a lovely LTP PROM edition pic post for all of you lovelies. 

 Regan's nosegay, given to her by Seth.

Lexi looking quite vampy in her prom dress.

 Claire's dress (Perfect for seducing a werewolf, right?)

Regan's dress!

Once Upon A Dream

'Once Upon A Dream' is my new Jacob/Nessie AU/AH fic!  I hadn't seen a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty with them as the main characters yet, so I dreamt up this little number.  I'll be posting it today!  Tell me what you think!

Here is the lovey banner that TwistedInMasen has made for me.  Isn't it lovely?  Head here to check out her blog of amazing work!