Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cruel Summer FAQ

Hey guys!  So for those who didn't know I have recently ventured into writing for The Hunger Games.  I posted a modern day AU Katniss/Peeta titled 'Cruel Summer'.  I get a lot of questions about the fic, so I thought I would post a little frequently asked questions post.  I will continue to add to it as I get questions.

-Why summer camp?
Why not?  I always wanted to go to camp as a kid, and I was fascinated with the show on the Disney Channel at the time titled 'Bug Juice'.  I loved being outdoors and doing things like exploring the woods and horse back riding, so I wanted to incorporate Katniss and Peeta into something like that. 

-Why is Cato nice? Why is Gale okay with Peeta?
I'm already doing an AU fic, so why not mix it up even more?  Mean Cato has been done.  Jealous Gale has been done to death.  In this universe, Gale is more into someone else and knows that he and Katniss are not meant to be.  And I never said Cato would be nice, just that he wouldn't be fighting anyone to the death : )

-Will Effie and Haymitch hook up?
I get this one a LOT.  Just keep reading.

-Why are the chapters so short?
Long chapters are daunting to work on, simple as that.  When I want to write a scene for this story, I sit down and have a whole chapter before I even know it.  It's a lot easier to sit down and write 1700 words than 7000.

If you have any more questions, please put them into the comments section of this post or dm me on ff.n

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