Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Of Me characters!

As mentioned in my previous post, many times you want to see pictures of said characters.  If you follow me on Tumblr or twitter, you're aware of the debate I had.  Originally, I pictured Candice Accola as Lexi.

 Perfect, right?  Then....I had to pick my Brady.  Brady to me has always been Michael Trevino from the same show as Candice (The Vampire Diaries).  I didn't think anything of picking him out as Brady when the two actors were on the show together.  He's vicious, sexy, and sultry, with a spitfire attitude.  Perfect.

So then, the two characters (who I thought we complete opposites) began dating on the show.

I balked at the idea of having them be together on the show and in my banners and story and Kristen Bell.  I really didn't want to confuse people so that they would think this was a crossover fic.  She was young, happy, and every bit the little California dreamer that I had pictured for Lexi. 

While I feel she is a good representation of Lexi, my mind kept going back to Candice Accola.  She was just the person I had pictured the entire time, and I decided to stick with her instead of going with Kristen.  Many people have commented on the choice and agree. 

We're 7 chapters into AOM - who do you picture as Lexi? 

Then come Lexi's dads.  Her biological father I can see as someone like Aaron Eckhart.

 For her mother, I see Tea Leoni.

 Then that would bring us to Patrick....I kept it simple here.  Patrick Demsey.

What do you think of my character choices? 

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