Thursday, September 23, 2010

This time around...

So, I'm re-reading Twilight.  

There are a few reasons behind this.  First of all, I have to admit that I'm a bad Twilight fan and I've only read it twice before this.  I've chatted with several of you on Twitter who say you've read it over ten times!  I'm sure there are more.  You can raise your hand and I won't laugh...
I'll also admit's my least favorite book.  If you put all three in front of me, I'd probably chose Midnight Sun first (if only, right?) then BD or Eclipse, then New Moon, and lastly Twilight.  I know I I said, bad fan.  

So, I'm going back and reading the book again.  Last night I completed five chapters - Bella has just invited Edward to the beach.  Honestly, I'm trying to read it with an open mind and pretend that it's my first time around again.  So far, it's working.  There's so much that I've forgotten in such a short time that it's atrocious.  

Second, those of you who read Love This Pain will definitely understand why I'm re-reading this book.  Regan, my main character in that story, goes to live with Sue and Charlie after having a rough time down in Phoenix with her absent mother and a bad crowd of friends.  She lives in Bella's old room, which Charlie has kept somewhat frozen in time and as a shrine to his daughter that he misses.  But that's another story. 

I really just wanted to go back to get into that frame of mind; the scared, lonely teenage girl who is in the middle of something other-worldly, scary and magical, but can't quite figure it out just yet.  However, Regan is a lot like Bella because she is observant and not much slips by her.  She's also like Bella because she's trying to convince herself that she's not effing crazy.  lol.  Of course, we get to see it from the wolfy side this time around, and not the vampire side.  

I suppose in a way Love This Pain is a lot like the 'wolf' version' of Twilight.  Thoughts?

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