Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Regan...

Up next in Love This Pain, Seth's imprint is turning the big 1-7.  Along with age come some daunting realizations for our girl as she begins to feel a certain pull...


I slunk down in my chair, wanting to disappear completely.  This had been the weirdest birthday of my entire life.  

I hadn’t been in the kitchen for two minutes when I heard a rumbling sound as it moved up the quiet street.  When it pulled into the driveway, I realized it was Seth’s ugly aqua and white Bronco.  I was caught in a love hate relationship with that thing.  It was huge and loud and terribly unfortunate looking, however…it stood for stability.  Reliability.  Both were things I admired.  

My thoughts about Seth’s vehicle confirmed my fears; Forks was indeed making me a little bit crazy.  I poked at the ice in the glass of water waiting at my seat at the kitchen table.  As it bounced up and down in the liquid, I feared I really was going crazy.  I wondered why people I didn’t know where sending me expensive boots, and why wolves hung out in my backyard, and why I suddenly got excited to hear an ugly truck pull up into the driveway.  

I didn’t have much more time to think.  I caught myself biting my lip as I stared in anticipation at the doorway to the kitchen.  The front door clicked shut, and I realized that Sue was too busy cooking to realize her son was here.  I didn’t hear a sound as he tip toed into the kitchen.  He grinned his signature smile at me, and I felt my heart start to race.  Holding his finger over his mouth, he signaled me to be quiet as he soundlessly crossed the kitchen floor.  I was amazed that someone so large could move so quietly.  

He snuck up behind his mother, paused, and then grabbed her sides as he shouted ‘Boo!” 

“Seth!” Sue shrieked, dropping the packet of cheese onto the counter.  She turned around and scowled up at her son, who gave her an innocent smile.  I watched as his smile seemed to spread to her, and soon she was grinning right back at him.  Smacking him across the chest with a dishtowel, she pretended to scoff.  

“You love me,” he chuckled, reaching around her and picking up a piece of green pepper off the cutting board behind her.  He crunched it in his teeth, still smiling like a jackass at his mom.  

I stood up to get some more ice for my glass.  Seth appeared in front of me, still grinning.  

 “Happy birthday!” he said excitedly, bending down to hug me.  I stiffened a little as his large body came closer, his muscled arms wrapping around me gently.  He gave me a quick squeeze, and I felt tingles run up and down my body at the surprise contact. 

I heard Sue cough as he pulled away.  

“Seth!” she shrieked suddenly.  He straightened, and both of our heads jerked towards Sue. 

“Uhm…help me grate the cheese?” she finally spit out.  Her eyes were wide as she stared at him, trying to regain her composure.  

Seth looked down at me, then back up at his mom.  “Uh…sure mom,” he said.  

“Wash your hands,” she said sternly, her eyes darting between me and him.  What was going on?  I stood in front of the fridge, still in a bit of shock.  Seth had hugged me.  It was weird but…strangely…nice.  


And, for your enjoyment - a little collage of the things that made up Regan's 17th birthday : )

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