Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairytale Teaser: Chapter 7

In honor of this new blog, I'd like to christen it with a brand spanking new 'Fairytale' teaser.  Here we go!

“I should get you home princess,” he said softly, leaning over the table.  She sighed, patting his hand.  

“Alice,” she gently reminded him with a tiny smile.  He turned his hand over, clasping hers within it and squeezed.  

“Well…Alice,” he said gently.  “I really should be getting you home soon.  I should go pay our tab.  Will you excuse me?” 

She nodded, watching as he walked up to the bar to settle their bill for the ale and butter beers.  Did he sound as regretful to leave her as she was him?  She thought she could hear his reluctance to take her home in his voice, but she couldn’t be sure.  All she knew was that she really didn’t want to go home just yet to her empty bedroom.  She missed Rosalie, and she missed her company and companionship.  Alice briefly wondered what her beloved sister was doing now – was she happy with Emmett?  She was sure that she was; she had never seen two people look more in love than they did.   Would Jasper be the one to give her happiness like that?

As she stood, brushing off her plain dress, she met the eyes of a man across the crowded bar.  He was tall, dark skinned, and had the most piercing black eyes she had ever seen.  His black hair hung down in twists, but most of it was tied back in a low ponytail.  The mere appearance of him made her shiver.  Suddenly a flash of recognition crossed his face, and she panicked.  Looking away, she silently hoped that he hadn’t seen her and would forget all about her.  Glancing up a few seconds later, she realized that he was still looking at her, and in a flash of new terror, she realized that he must know who she was.  

Jasper was nowhere to be found in the crowd.  



  1. love the teaser! I wonder who's the mystery man Alice is trying to hide from?! can't wait to find out =)

  2. I can't wait for the chapter to be posted to see what will happen.