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Untouchable Bonus Scene! **RATED M**

*Rated M for a reason.  Do not read if you don't enjoy some good, lemony smut!*

A wicked grin suddenly crossed Jacob’s features.  “So….you want a new experience, do you?”

She nodded.  “What did you have in mind?”

He licked his lips, his hand reaching up to softly cup her breast.  He let his thumb roll itself over her nipple, watching in awe as it reacted to his touch.  Nessie sucked in a breath, biting her lip.

“Just stand up and put your hands on the wall.  I’ll do the rest.”


Renesmee gave him a questioning look, but did what he asked.  Jacob smiled wickedly to himself, marveling at the way their imprint bond could sometimes work both ways.  He found it difficult and sometimes painful to disobey her.  It was clear that she didn’t like to disobey him either…. even if it was over something as trivial as foreplay.

“Put your hands on the wall,” he repeated, his voice low and gravelly.  She obeyed, placing her pale hands against the tiles on the wall.  His eyes fell down to the luscious roundness that was her ass.  Another low growl rumbled through him, and he felt his possessiveness grow tenfold inside of him.  Everything about that ass said ‘claim me’ to his inner wolf, and he wasn’t about to go against it’s wishes. 

He loved it most when the man and the wolf agreed.  He wouldn’t have to fight his instincts now as he was clearly sating the needs of his imprint.  She wanted him like this.  She had just said it herself.  His cock twitched in anticipation as he prepared himself for this.  Taking her in the shower had been at the top of his fantasy list since the moment he could even think of her like that.  How could it not?  The heady, intoxicating scent of her arousal mixed with the smell of the coconut shampoo and the billowing steam made him nearly want to explode right there without even touching her. 

Renesmee stood with her hands against the tile.  She peeked over her shoulder at him and that was all it took.  Simple as that.  Just one look from the corner of one of her big brown eyes and the tiny bite she took of her bottom lip was all it took for him to have to touch her.

His hands covered hers on the tiles as he hovered behind her.  He didn’t touch her with the rest of his body; not yet.  It was always fun to tease a little first, and he knew she enjoyed it.  He wanted to drive her crazy first.  He began, dragging his hands lightly down her arms, barely touching her silky wet skin.  She shivered in enjoyment, but didn’t move from her position.  He smiled to himself again.

Further his hands went, dragging down her sides.  He moved them down to her round bottom, cupping her gently.  He squeezed her skin there, feeling it against the palms of his roughened hands.  His hardness twitched again, aching for her.  For a moment, he didn’t know who was being teased more. 

Not yet, he coached himself. 

He wanted to make this last for her. 

Raising his hands up, he let his palms rub soothing circles against her collar bone, loosening the muscles there.  He felt her start to relax against his touch, her head falling forward slightly.  A low sigh breathed though her lips, and he could tell she was getting more and more comfortable.  She peeked over her shoulder at him again, a haze of lust covering her brown eyes. 

“Smile if you’re turned on,” he teased in a raspy whisper.  Her body shook with a few silent giggles, but she said nothing as she fought her grin.  He snorted to himself as he lifted up his hands.  He placed his palms on the tips of her hardened nipples, just barely touching her.  He rubbed tiny circles with his hand, sometimes grazing her sensitive skin.  When he removed his hands, he heard her gasp. 

He froze, playfully watching her reaction.  She hissed through her teeth, bobbing her head in frustration.  Nessie peeked over her shoulder again, giving him a teasing glare.

“Did you need something?” he asked with a smirk.  She liked being led on like this….he could feel it.

She huffed in response, but turned back to face the wall.  Her fingers twitched against the tiles, and he found himself grinning again. 

Quickly, he took her stiff nipples in his fingers and pinched lightly, making her mewl in response.  Arching her back, she tried to press herself against his erection, but he didn’t let her. 

“Patience,” he chided, biting back a laugh.  She giggled, moaning impatiently.  He rolled her pink tips in his fingers, pulling lightly.  Renesmee sighed, her breath catching in her throat as he continued to tease her.  Leaning forward, he scraped his teeth across the back of her neck, giving her a preview of what was to come. 

“Oh,” she gasped, her fingers digging at the wet tiles in front of her.  He groaned against her skin, twisting her nipples.  The brief pain mixed with the pleasant shocks of bliss were already making her dizzy.  Again she bumped herself against his stiff erection, only this time he let her feel him. 

“You make me want to just bend you over and…..mmm…” he groaned into her ear. 

Renesmee turned her head, her jaw hanging open with desire.  “Then do it.”

“You’re so impatient.  But I love it.”

“Stop teasing me then….just…just fuck me already,” she finally spat out.  Her words were quick, low, and jumbled…but he still heard them.  Surprise registered on his face at her words, and he tried not to laugh at him imprint’s amazingly sexy command. 

“You said a bad word.”

“You made me do it,” she bantered, throwing her head back.  He cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing gently. 

“You’re insatiable.”

“You like it.”

“Mmmhmm…” he laughed against her skin, kissing a trail from the back of her neck all the way up her shoulder.  He breathed in her ear, noticing the goose bumps that rose up on her skin again.  He loved that he could have that effect on her.  

Acknowledging her need, he ran on hand down the front of her body.  He kept the other busy teasing her luscious breasts, but there was another part of her that he knew needed his attention. 

“You’re so bad,” he mumbled as she bumped his erection with her ass again.  Trailing his hand down further, he let one of his fingers swipe the area between her legs.  She gasped, turning to look over her shoulder at him.  The steam from the water rose up all around them, making it cloudy and hot.  It drove him further insane with need. 

“You didn’t like it when I…uhhh….put my mouth…oh…on you?” she panted between his touches.  Moving his hand away from her, he laughed.  She gasped as he withdrew his touch.  She wanted more. 

“Ugh, Jacob….”  she groaned as he pressed his lips against her shoulder.  Kissing the area lightly, he closed his eyes as Renesmee ground herself against his erection.  The soft skin of her ass melted into his thick member, making him shudder.  He sucked lightly on the skin there, listening to her start to sigh again.  Increasing the pressure, he sucked harder and harder until he was satisfied.  Leaning away, he smiled to himself as he saw the darkening mark on her pale skin.

“Are you marking me?” she asked, a hint of approval to her voice.

He laughed, kissing the area again.  Running his tongue over the reddened skin, he smiled.  “Mine.”

“You’re incorrigible.”
“And proud of it.”

“What’s suddenly gotten you so riled?”

There was a silence.  The only sound was of the water as it trickled down their bodies and the tile walls. 

“You were a very bad girl,” he growled lowly, trying not to smile.  He felt stupid sometimes talking dirty like this, but…he decided he liked it.  Sometimes stupid could be hot, he thought. 

“Mmm….I liked being bad then,” she moaned, grinding her ass against his erection.  “I’ll have to try it more often.”

“As long as we can be bad together,” he answered, rubbing circles on the front of her thigh.  She arched her back more, silently begging for his touch. 

“Jacob, just touch me,” she begged. 

“Fine, fine,” he chuckled softly, letting his finger slide down her center.  He felt her gasp as he pinched her nipple and inserted a finger into her at the same time.  Her body shivered slightly, and he heard her let a tiny moan slip out.

“You’re very wet….and I don’t think it’s from the shower,” he whispered in her ear.  He slid his finger out of her, only let it circle her clit.  Rubbing it slowly, he used the pad of his finger to ever so lightly touch her.  Pulling back, he breathed in her ear.

“Like that?”

Words were no longer an option for her.  Nodding, she threw her head back against him as he dipped a finger in her pussy, stroking her slowly.  Her breaths were shallow and labored as she leaned against his wet chest for support.  Licking his lips, Jacob slowly slid his finger back to circle her clit again. 

“Oh!” she cried out, grasping at the slick tile.  “Jake…oh God…”

He rubbed circles around her until he could feel her knees start to shake.  He moved his hands from one nipple to the other as he teased her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. 


He wasn’t about to deny her.  Halting his hands, he quickly paused to grab the condom that was in his shorts.  When he returned to the steamy shower, he was pleased to see that she hadn’t moved.  She still stood, hands pressed against the shower wall.  Her pale, round ass was sticking out, begging for him.  He wasn’t about to make her wait any longer.  Rolling the condom on himself, he resumed his position behind her. 

“You want me to?”

She nodded, biting her lip.  He caught her eye over her shoulder as he placed a hand on her hip.  Taking his aching erection in his hands, he slowly dragged it up and down her entrance.  She sucked in another breath, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Jake,” she hissed, looking at him again.  He grinned at her, giving her his best cocky smirk. 

“If you really want me to,” he replied, slowly moving to her entrance.  He sank himself in her slowly, allowing her to get used to the feeling of being behind her.  Her sides shook with a raspy breath as he gripped her hips, slowly sliding into her wet heat. 

“Spread your legs a bit more honey,” he urged, willing her to relax.  This was a new experience for them both, and he only wanted to please her as she had him.  In his mind, he owed her a big one for going down on him.  He intended to make it up to her. 

She leaned forward further, spreading her pale legs for him.  In response, he buried himself as deeply within her walls as he could. 

“Fuck,” he growled lowly as her walls clenched down around him.  He was home. 

They both stood there in the hot streams of water, panting together as their bodies welcomed each other.  Then, her voice cried out softly. 

“Jake,” she pleaded, urging him to move.  With another growl, he leaned forward and placed a rough kiss on her shoulder blade as he pulled out.  With a grunt, he filled her again completely with one powerful thrust.  Renesmee whined and moaned in the most delicious way he ever thought possible.  Her raw, guttural sounds were like music to his ears as he thrust in and out of her.  The hot water continued to beat down on them as they moved together, each enjoying the feeling of being together like this. 

“God you feel so…uh…good,” he said, palming her breast.  He squeezed it gently, rolling her nipple in his fingertips again.  She looked at him over her shoulder, her eyes barely open. 

He dropped his hand forward to touch her and he thought he had done something wrong by the way she cried out. 

“Oh!  Yes!” she moaned, leaning all the way forward.  Her face was pressed up against the tiles now as she lost all control. 

“There, huh?” he asked, pinching lightly at her womanly bud.  Another ripple of pleasure rolled down her spine, and he grinned to himself. 

“Yes…yes…yes…” she moaned, nodding against the wall.  He thrust harder, burying himself as deep as he could within her center.  The only sound was that of their skin as it came together and their labored pants of breath. 

“Not yet baby,” he growled at her.  “Not yet.”

He could feel her insides squeezing his cock tighter as she grew closer and closer to her release.  It wouldn’t be long now.  She straightened up, pushing away from the wall.  He gripped her hips tighter, pounding her from behind.  It felt amazing to finally be able to do something like this with her; just lose all semblance of control. 

He felt like such a Neanderthal as he grunted and thrust and pushed against her, but he couldn’t’ help it.  Jacob could feel through their imprint bond that she was enjoying it as immensely as he was, which only increased his pleasure.  Her tight walls clenched around him as she climbed closer and closer to her release.  More than anything, he wanted to feel her pulse around him as she came, feeling as blissful as she could. 

“I’m…I’m going to fall if I….oh god,” she moaned, halting her movement.  Jacob laughed, gripping her hips as he withdrew from her. Quickly, he sat down on the floor of the large tiled shower, watching as she stared down at him through her labored breaths.   His head and shoulder blades were propped up against the walls, but the rest of him lie flat on the tile floor.

Renesmee looked down at him, his tan perfect body practically covering the floor of the steamy shower.  The water beat down on him as he waited, his erection standing up, proudly beckoning her.

“Come on,” he urged, raising one cocky eyebrow at her.  Her eyes were immediately drawn to his darkened ones; his chest rose and fell with his breaths, shining with the slick water.  His tan skin was a stark contrast against the white tiles, and he looked nothing other than beautiful….lying there, waiting for her.  Waiting for her to finish what they started.

She smiled, still panting as she dropped to her knees beside him.  Grabbing her thigh, he hoisted her onto his lap, filling her again with one thrust.  Renesmee cried out again, her hands falling to his muscled stomach for support.  The dizzying feeling of him filling her to the hilt like he did made her want to pass our from sheer pleasure.  He was so thick and hot that it was intoxicating.  She was stretched, but it felt right…and satisfying. 

She moved slowly at first, unsure of what to do.  This was all so new, but she quickly realized that she simply needed to let her instincts take over. 

“That’s right,” he urged form the floor, taking her hips in his hands.  He pulled her hips forward before pushing them back, enveloping his throbbing cock. 

“You feel so…so good,” she moaned, letting her eyes fall closed.  Leaning forward on her hands, she felt him start to lift his hips up off the tile floor as he fucked her. 

“Yes…” she breathed, rolling her head back.  Being with him like this felt so amazing she could hardly stand it.  Jacob ran his hands up her body, cupping her breasts again. He pulled gently at her pink nipples as they moved slowly in rhythm with her hips. Another soft sigh escaped her lips as he pulled and twisted at them.  He could see through the steam that they were hard and dark pink; just the way he liked them.   Her head fell forward, covering her chest with her wet curls. 

Sliding his hand down her wet body, he closed his eyes as his thumb found her clit.  He hovered around it for a second, waiting until her legs began to tremble in anticipation.  She grunted in need, opening her eyes a little to watch him.  Dropping her chin, she watched as the pad of his thumb pressed against her clit.  Her body sang with relief and joy as he began to rub the familiar circles that she so ached for.  Renesmee could feel him growing harder and harder inside of her as she tightened her muscles.  He grunted beneath her, visibly struggling to keep a steady yet gentle pace on her clit, helping her orgasm come closer and closer. 

“Oh yes…oh yes….oh…” she moaned, biting her lip.  He pressed harder, thrusting with more force as he felt her body climb higher and higher. 

Reaching behind her, she let her hands grip his muscled thighs as she rode him.  With every thrust inside of her, he earned an approving gasp from her mouth. 

“That’s it baby….” he cooed at her, pinching her clit slightly.  “Cum for me,” he added in a low, gravelly voice. 

She opened her eyes to meet his, her body excited at his dirty speech.  The hot, steamy water beat down on them, making each one dizzy with heat and lust. 

“Oh God, Jake!” she cried finally, squeezing her eyes closed again.  He slowed his pace, allowing her body to clench and pulse around his cock.  Her hands gripped his thighs as she rode out her climax on top of him.  He watched in wonder as her breathing slowed along with her movements.  A few more heavy breaths, and she finally slowed down and opened her eyes. 

“Your turn,” she replied saucily, picking up her pace again.  He grinned up at her wickedly, feeling his cock throb inside of her tight walls.  A look of curiosity crossed her features, and he watched as she leaned backwards on top of him.  She moved her hips in perfect synch with his.  Her movements were so heavenly that soon he let his eyes fall shut as he focused on the feeling of her wetness.  It’s all for me, he told himself. 

“Ah!” he gasped in sudden pleasure.  Opening his eyes, he realized the his naughty imprint was reaching behind her, lightly running her nails up and down his sack.  He felt his entire groin tighten with the promise of release. 

“Do you like that?” she whispered saucily, biting the side of her lip as she moved.  Need coiled low in his stomach as he felt himself teeter closer to release. 

“Oh yes….” he groaned, thrusting harder against her.  She gasped as he picked up his pace, and soon he felt his own release coming.  It raced through his body nearly paralyzing him it felt so good. 

“Oh fuck yes…” his growl echoed against the tile.  He felt himself explode against her warm heat, and it was the most blissful feeling in the world. 

Renesmee stilled on top of him, watching.  The first few seconds after he came were sheer beauty.  His glorious, muscular stomach heaved as it tried to gather breath again.  The water droplets had pooled in the indents of his abdominal muscles, forming tiny lakes, and his tan face was flushed the darkest scarlet as he rode out his orgasm.  The best though….was when he would open his eyes.  Never before had she seen such an expression of sheer gratitude. 

She leaned down on top of him, resting her head against his chest.  He stayed inside of her as they both tried to get their breathing back to normal. 

“That was…”

“Dirty,” she finished, kissing his jaw.  He chuckled, running a hand over her pale bottom.  He lightly smacked her there, making her giggle. 



“I think we’re dirtier now than when we started.”


Well, I hoped you enjoyed some no-apologies, dirty shower sex starring Jake and Nessie.  I hope I did them justice!  This little gem will be posted on my blog, so head over to my profile page for the link if you ever want to revisit it ; )  Hope you enjoyed it, and sorry for the lemony-ness….they just wrote themselves, all I did was type!

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