Monday, May 23, 2011

A little LTP tease?

If anything, it's to help us get through our case of the Mondays.  Enjoy!


Consequences be damned. 

I was falling for Seth, and I didn’t care what anyone thought now.  Granted, this was probably something I should have come to grips with before I slept with him…but really, what had just happened had only solidified my decision. 

In my world, sleeping with someone usually made things worse…but I could only hope that tonight would make things better.  Perfect, even. 

Over and over my mind showed me flashes of what had happened.  It was like watching a highlight video of the best play, but this definitely wasn’t football. 
 Seth’s wide, lust ridden eyes the first time he saw my black bra.  The feeling of his warm lips as they dragged down my neck…sucking on my collar bone….kissing behind my ear…The way his fingers had practically read my mind ….his hot hands running down my sides…it was all almost too much.  Almost. 

Sex with Seth was just so different.  It was unlike anything I had ever experience before in my life.  He wasn’t like the others; honestly, if I had known that that’s what it would be like, I don’t think I would have even waited.  I would have jumped him much sooner than I had.

As I sleepily thought back to the others before him, I couldn’t even compare them to Seth.  For starters, he had actually known how to please me…I could count on one hand the number of guys that had done that to me, and I had definitely been with more people than I had fingers.  In fact, it was almost like he was reading my mind when it came to what I needed to reach my peak.  I could feel myself growing more and more turned on just thinking about how good he had felt between my legs.  I pressed my nose further into his pillow as I listened to his steady breaths against the back of my neck.  His arm was still around my waist, holding me to him in the chilly room, and our legs were clumsily tangled together.  His legs were so much longer than my own that I’m sure it would have looked comical, but I didn’t care.  I felt so safe right now that I really didn’t care about anything.   Being with Seth in the most intimate of ways had made me feel safe and almost even cherished…and that was something I hadn’t felt in a long time, at least not intimately.

In my dreamlike state, I slowly became aware that my body had begun to react to my thoughts.  Seth must have felt it too; as I slowly awoke, I could feel him start to stir against me.  He stretched in his sleep but still clung to my back, his warm, muscled body forming a protective cocoon around me.   His body was hard, yet inviting.  In all honesty, I don’t think anyone could find his body unappealing.  I truly believed that the lines of his abdominal muscles curving down his pelvis would make a eighty year old nun sit back and reevaluate her choices.  

Oh, Seth. 

He sighed, and then sucked in a breath of air against my neck.  It made me shiver and tense as I slowly woke up, becoming somewhat conscious again.  My heart began to pound, my mouth got dry, and goose bumps rose on my skin….God, even my skin reacted to him. 

The room was very dim as I opened my eyes, realizing that it wasn’t yet dawn; the room was still cloaked in the silver, pre-morning haze.  I stretched myself and sighed, closing my eyes again.  I pulled his arm around my middle tighter as I continued to think about what Seth had been like.  I could have stayed with him forever, just like that.  I didn’t think I would ever be bored again - I had enough mental imagery to last me a decade, and we were in a mostly dark room.  He had been just that amazing.  If he disappeared of the planet tomorrow, I could happily spend the next decade writing trashy romance novels in his honor. 

My center began to clench and tighten in lust as I wished I could go back and relive our time together.  I pressed my lips together as I felt my insides begin to tingle with the familiar feeling of need.  Seth sighed again, and I could feel him groan slightly in his sleep.  As if to torture me, I realized we were both still quite naked from before.  His manhood twitched as it began to harden against my bottom, and I pressed my lips together and laid against the pillow to try to go back to sleep.  Seth wasn’t making it easy.  He shifted against me, rubbing his hardness between my legs.  I tried my best to ignore it, but even in his sleep in had to admire his stamina. 

After several long minutes, lying there with his raging hard on pressed against my backside I felt him stir slightly, signaling that he was waking up.  I jumped slightly when I felt his mouth sleepily press against my shoulder; even his lips were searing hot.  It felt amazing. 

“Reg?” he muttered groggily in my ear.  I nodded, still biting my lip as my core began to tingle excitedly.  I knew it was stupid for me to want him again so soon, but I couldn’t help myself.  I had had a taste, and now I simply wanted more. 

Again, consequences be damned. 

“Regan?” he asked, waking up further.  I turned my head to look over my shoulder at him as he laid behind me in the darkness.  “You okay?” he asked.

I opened my mouth to speak right about the time I think he figured out that he was sporting a huge woody and it was poking me in the butt, but he didn’t seem to care. Instead, he shocked the hell out of me and began to kiss the crook of my neck that was closest to him.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that he wanted to take advantage of the situation we were in as much as I did, but I was.  Did he want this as much as I did? The way his body reacted against mine told me yes. 

The more kisses he feathered on my neck, the more turned on I got.  The feeling of his lips as they kissed and sucked on the soft skin behind my ear and on my shoulder gave me goose bumps and made a jolt of electricity run down my spine.  It was the best feeling ever.  I sucked in a breath as one of my hands reached out to grip the sheets next to me. 

I felt his mouth form the shape a signature ‘Seth’ smile against my shoulder in-between kisses. 

“Do you like that?” he whispered in the darkness.  It wasn’t cocky or self assured; I knew that he was genuinely asking.  I nodded, knowing he would feel the movement of my head on the pillow. 

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  1. Dang it... and now my heart is thudding!! How am I even going to be able to thinkg about sleep.. I really really can't wait for this chapter now. I love these two, just love them.